Saturday, December 31, 2011

           Well here it is another end to another year!!! I know I posted some of what I want to say on Facebook already but I wanted to put it here to journal it and hopefully remember it.  I read about a family who celebrates the coming of the new year by sitting together and reading scriptures together and then discuss what the Lord would have them do in the coming year.  They also play games, and when the new year comes in they say a prayer together.  I thought this might be a nice way to bring in the new year for me.  I don't have anyone to celebrate with, (this isn't a pity party, I really don't want to be out celebrating anyway so I really don't mind staying home especially with Millie) and I don't seem to stay awake when the  new years ball drops to bring in the new year.  So on that note I guess I should be asking: what would the Lord have me do this year?
           I know there are many many things I need to do, but what is the one thing I can do that will make the difference, make this year different than all the rest have been.  I need to really be bit more prayerful about this. I believe I will read my scriptures and maybe even watch a video on to get me in the right spirit.  I know a few things I would like to do but what I really want to do this year is feel like I have accomplished something by the end of the year.  So I really want to work on this.  I will have to post what my goal is going to be on another day, I feel I really need to think about it and to really really make a decision about what I want to do and what plan I have to accomplish it.
             I really hope everyone has a great New Year, and I really hope that 2012 has a lot more positives in  it than negatives.
Happy New Year everyone,
Love always....

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Miller Family said...

Hope your New Year is off to a great start, Chris!